her story

Pioneer, Avant-garde, Outgoing, Impactful, and Warm-hearted are only five of a plethora of words that the English language provides as a superlative description of Mary H. Parker.

This national business mogul, history-making entrepreneur, and global model for womanhood is changing the world with an amazing reputation for women empowerment, business development/growth, and inspiration. Her powerful leadership style, awe-inspiring business accomplishments, and humble background are seamlessly woven together to allow this diamond of a woman to shine in all arenas of life.

Mary is the author of the insightful literary gem, “The Chick In Charge: Life Lessons, Business Principles, and Inspirational Tools for Optimum Success.” This book is a necessary life tool that infuses the challenges, triumphs, and obstacles in her life to evoke the fire of purpose, vision, and perseverance in the lives of women and entrepreneurs. This book guarantees to change all areas and aspects of life for the better.

Out of all of Mary Parker’s accomplishments, the three greatest of these is being the mother of one daughter, Chana Kurtz, the grandmother to three adorable granddaughters, Amber, Essence, and Jada, and being an ordained minister.

With God’s grace and favor, Mary H. Parker is clearly, “The Chick In Charge!”