Millionaire Security Expert, Author and Philanthropist Mary Parker Revitalizes Communities at Junction 2800

Apr 7, 2022

Atlanta’s Mary Parker is promoting equitable economic mobility and opportunity.

ATLANTAApril 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Security industry pioneer Mary Parker, CEO of ALL N ONE Security Services, is no stranger to obstacles and is not afraid of breaking new grounds to overcome them. This forward-thinking CIC (chick-in-charge) has invested in helping to revitalize the southwest Atlanta communities by purchasing Junction 2800, formerly called Campbellton Road Community Center.

The newly named development, Junction 2800, is a multi-purpose use property equipped with co-working space and will include a technology hub with construction and entrepreneurialism programs. The 30,000 square foot property sits on 7.5 acres and is also a verified vaccination site and voting poll.

Additionally, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens announced at a press conference on Monday, March 28 that Junction 2800 in conjunction with the Mary Parker Foundation will serve as one of the five newly resourced small business incubators as the city’s economic arm satellite office through Invest Atlanta as part of its ATLinBusiness program.

The Southwest Atlanta communities have been in need of strengthening, particularly in light of the overwhelming gentrification happening in many often forgotten and underserved Black communities. Trailblazer Mary Parker is the first African American female millionaire to implement change in a much-needed and deserving neighborhood.

Parker entered the industry as a security officer for an automotive company largely out of necessity. She was facing a layoff and was offered the opportunity to train for an available position. She masterfully excelled and her expertise garnered acclaim in the male-dominated industry.

Breaking through the glass ceiling, Parker became the first African American female director of security in Grand Rapids with the automotive leader. In time and in pioneer fashion, she took a risk and moved to the City of Atlanta where she opened the first-ever Black woman-owned full-service security firm, ALL N ONE.

As the author of a best-selling book entitled The Chick in Charge and founder of the Mary Parker Foundation, Parker says she created the business at her dining room table with three partners — the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. More than two decades later she has been instrumental in positively impacting numerous lives and currently employs over 800 team members.

ALL N ONE Security Services is an Atlanta household name with primary markets that includes the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, parking management, security officers, systems integration, traffic control, and parking enforcement throughout the entire State of Georgia.

“Through my struggles, I found opportunities. I was not afraid to travel that road less traveled,” says Parker and credits God and stick-to-itiveness for her success.

Parker, an accomplished and award-winning businesswoman, believes she is “blessed to be a blessing” and therefore, is determined to be a force for good within her own community. This visionary is imagining the next generation of Black and brown children to be a viable and educated workforce.

Junction 2800 is the seed planted for their growth by laying a roadmap for success. Through Junction 2800, Parker provides camps for kids, mentorship, scholarships, back-to-school backpack drives, and fun STEAM-related activities. “God has blessed me to be a vehicle,” says Parker.

As an ordained minister, Parker knows what it means to reach people’s souls. She is determined to shake people free from oppression and looming negative statistics. Thus, through her business acumen and the Mary Parker Foundation, she has been given the gift and opportunity to lift spirits by empowering individuals.

Paying it forward, Parker believes she has a God-given mandate to offer hope by unlocking the mysteries of finance and business development for underrepresented groups. Engagement, education, and entrepreneurship are on the agenda for this mission.

Junction 2800 was purchased just months prior to the pandemic shutdown. Not allowing this setback to impede goals, the Mary Parker Foundation was able to offer parents a viable alternative to entertain locked-in bored, and frustrated children.

Facilitators of the foundation successfully held live stream classes that included a virtual vegetable garden, technology, droning, robotics, financial literacy, and even cooking classes. One welcomed outcome was a newly developed youth entrepreneurship program.

Junction 2800 will become a staple and an integral part of strengthening the entire city of Atlanta. Monthly seminars will be held on trending topics that will impact the neighborhood while keeping them abreast of opportunities for change.

Through her growing leadership academy and coaching, Parker shows future leaders the steps to financial freedom. Her patented FACS program enables burgeoning entrepreneurs to learn the keys to a business mindset. Using this comprehensive platform, students can Focus, Analyze, Commit, and create a Strategy that will take their business to the next level.

Atlanta Philanthropist Mary Parker has come a long way and has by no means completed her God-Given mission. She has decided this new journey is not to be traveled alone and is taking the City of Atlanta communities with her.

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